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In addition to edit suite and workstation rental packages in Vancouver, Chroma Post offers professional in-house editorial.


Online editorial, color correction, titles, motion graphics, cleanup and restoration - for feature films, television and corporate productions.


We've delivered to some of the biggest distributors, broadcasters, and VOD platforms in the world. Trust us to get it right!


Why edit 8K? Chroma Post Vancouver can provide multiple daily formats for viewing and editorial. Call us to discuss the options.


Now part of virtually every production; whether it's cleanup, enhancement or a full build, Chroma Post knows visual effects.

Capture & Archival

Digitizing tape & protecting your footage is good! Chroma Post Vancouver offers tape capture, Teranex conversion & LTO archival.



The Lumio Electronics provides the motion picture industry with media storage, custom workstations and other fun stuff.

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178 Digital is the one-stop-rental-shop for film and television productions. Lights, camera, action and more!

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Iron Horse Motion Picture Studios provides production services for feature film, television and commerical productions.

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